2 Great Places You Can Stay When You Visit Lima

The city of Lima has over 43 districts but not all of them are actually safe, clean and healthy enough for visiting tourists to stay while they have fun. If you are planning on visiting Lima soon enough, we bring to you two very safe areas where you can stay and soak up the historical and cultural values of the city.

Central Lima District

The central Lima district is the core of the city where all the administrative and governing functions take place. If you are looking to stay in the heart of Lima, then here is the best place. Located in the central district are the Plaza de Armas (Plaza Mayor), the convent of San Francisco, the historical government palace and a host of plenty other colonial mansions. All these buildings form the history of Lima.

So, if you are looking to take in all the history of Lima right from your hotel room then the central Lima district is the place to stay. This district is very comfortable for travellers on a budget, with affordable and very comfortable accommodation options scattered all over the main (the rooms here are actually cheaper than the hotel rooms in Miraflores but are mostly crowded with a lot of noise). There are also many fast food joints that sell cheap Peruvian and intercontinental dishes, alternatively, you can visit the nearby Barrio Chino (China town) if you want to indulge in large Peruvian-Chinese buffets that will leave you filled to the brim.

However, it is advised you to limit how you move around in this district at night, you should try and remain in the main square and do not be too adventurous, some of the neighbouring districts are not safe for visiting tourists.


This is the choice location for most travellers during high season. They are more travellers than native Peruvians in this area. This place is very safe as it is an upscale area and the streets are very safe, both day and night. You will find a lot of fellow tourists moving up and down this district round the clock.

Miraflores is generally a great area. There are numerous restaurants that doll out tasty meals in the area, although they are quite expensive, but the services are top notch. You will find a lot of hangouts, clubs, and bars in this area for your fun time. Also, there are cafes and street-side shops that sell a lot of attractive goods for travellers that want to buy some Peruvian stuff. All the services you will need are scattered around you and require just a short walk to get to them.

There are parks, coastal cliffs, beaches, tens courts in this area which you can easily walk to and have a good time. There are fewer museums and historical sites in this area, but the Huaca Pucllana is located here. The district is very close to the central area where you will find more historical and cultural sites and buildings. Finally, for first-time tourists and visitors in Lima or even Peru, the Miraflores is the best place to be. Once you have learned about this great place, you can now tour the other parts of the city.