3 Easy Ways to Move Around Lima

Lima is a renowned tourist attraction centre in the world today. The city has been serving as a gateway for national and international tourists and business travellers with numerous historical sites and cultural heritage. Getting into the city from an international and domestic location is pretty easy as Lima is connected by air to other parts of the world and surrounding Peruvian provinces.

One of the difficulties which most tourists encounter on their visit to Lima is how to navigate through the city. Meandering through the jungles of Lima can be very exasperating. The city is plagued with heavy traffic and patient, nonchalant drivers who are aggressive and reckless. The public transport system is poor and has been replaced with privately owned and managed microbuses and taxis which are very difficult to board and control. Even when distances from various districts and points appear too short, getting to them can be very difficult and time-consuming. For this reason, we bring to you the various ways which you can navigate through the city of the kings with little or no stress.

Car Rentals

If you are going to spend time in Lima, maybe for a long business trip or an extended holiday, you will have to rent a car. Renting a car will save you the stress of boarding buses and taxis all the time. Getting taxis gives you the required flexibility you will need to move around easily and conveniently. But it comes with its own disadvantages; you will have to face the reckless driving and aggressive traffic within the city. Other challenges you are likely to face is the change in location, driving around lima can be different from what you used to know so before you rent a car, be sure that will be needing its services.

Boarding A Taxi

Another easy and convenient way to move around Lima is by boarding a taxi. This is a very quick and affordable way to get around Lima. It is frequently used by natives and tourists, so you will find thousands of taxis in the city. Most of the drivers are friendly and understand English fairly, so it will not be difficult to communicate with them effectively. But you should take note that not every taxi you see around Lima is registered and officially certified to operate. Almost anyone in Lima can get a car, put up the taxi sign and drive people around town.

Lima’s Metro

Another way tourists can actually soak up the daily life of the people of Lima is by the use of Lima’s metro. Using the metro at Lima is very simple and convenient. The metro starts or ends in villa EL Salvador. The metro runs along major avenues like the Av. Tomas, Av. Separadora, Av. Industrial, Av. LA Union, Av. Pachacutec, Av. Aviacion, Av. Grau in the city centre. All the stations are found along this route from Villa El Salvador to the centre here. The trains usually operate from 06.00 am to 10.00 pm and shows up in every 15 to 20 minutes.

These few tips will help you move around the city easily and you are bound to have a good time while touring Lima.