The Best Five Beaches in Peru

Perhaps when you are musing on the question which country has the best beaches in the world, Peru may not feature high on your list. And it is true, Peru does not have a reputation for having exotic sounding beaches like Bondi, or perhaps Copacabana and it is not associated with beach resorts or beach holidays. However, Peru is a beautiful country with a diverse landscape that includes stunning beaches which we are now about to explore.

Playa Roja

Located just four hours’ drive from the capital Lima can be found The Red Beach which is tucked away in the outstanding Paracas National Reserve. As well as offering great swimming in the clear blue warm waters the beach is a fantastic viewpoint for taking in all the natural wildlife that inhabit the landscape.

The beach gets its unusual name from the red sand that occurs due to the natural pink granodiorite made up of solidified magma. When the light is just right the whole beach looks like it is on fire and provides a dramatic vista that is breathtaking.

The City Beach

Our next destination is Miraflores in the capital Lima. It does not have the scenic beauty of Playa Roja but the bustling city backdrop certainly is impressive. The area surrounding the beach is known as the Costa Verde and is recognized for its lush green vegetation as well as the unique brown cliffs. It is an ideal place to get away from the city and enjoy a spot of surfing or swimming. And after a relaxing day’s fun at the beach you can just stroll into town for dinner.

Paradise Beach

Situated in the north of Peru at Punta Sal is Paradise Beach and is a getaway haven for a peaceful retreat. In this part of Peru there are many long sandy beaches, lined with lush tropical palm trees and memorable sunsets. There are a number of luxury beach resorts around Paradise Beach that offer superb spa treatments and five-star dining. This is a dreamy exotic place, with calm waters, blue skies and brilliant white sand, perfect to forget all your worries back home.

The Party Beach

Staying in the north of Peru we head to Mancora to sample the party atmosphere. This area is where tourists and Peruvians alike come to party, there are many bars, nightclubs and live music venues packed into a relatively small area. People from all over South America come to let their hair down and have some fun.

Apart from partying the night away most people just hang out on the beach and relax. If you still have any energy left then there are plenty of beach-type activities to enjoy such as, surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, and horse-riding.

The Party Beach in Mancora is different than many crowded European party resorts, it has a much more laid-back feel to it and has almost a hippy vibe. Some travelers end up staying far longer than they had planned. All these beaches show the diverse nature of the beaches in Peru, and these are just a selection of what is available. So why not pack a bag and head to South America for your next beach holiday.