Expression to Learn While Traveling in Peru

Are you planning on visiting Peru? Come on board as we take you through some expressions you need to learn before you set out your journey.

`No Comprendo’

This short expression means, `I don’t understand’ and you need to learn how to use it in conversations while traveling in Peru. There are times you may have to admit you do not understand what your Spanish guy is saying, so use the expression to tell them so. They will slowly repeat what they said for you to understand better.

`Cuanto Cuesta’

The translation is, `how much does this cost?’. It is possible you may like to shop while enjoying the tour. This expression will be of help when you want to buy things like toothbrush, foreign fashion or anything else you wish. Using the phrase will put you in a good place. Some sellers take advantage of the ignorance of tourists to rip them off. You can avoid that if you can use this phrase.

`Como Puedo Llegar a__?’

This means, `How do I get to____?’. Touring a big city can be overwhelming even for a lover of adventure. International data can be expensive and Google maps unreliable, so your only choice is to depend on locals. They know most of the places you are headed and can direct you on the best routes or shortcuts to take to reach your destination.

`Me Puede Traer la Cuenta por Favor?’

`Can you bring me the check, please?’. Of course, you should eat good food to get the energy you need for more tour. The waiter may be too busy to come around your table and you cannot wait to see nightlife in Peru. The above expression will get you the attention you want from the waiter.

`Puedo Usar tu Cargador del Movil?’

The expression means, `can I use your phone charger?’. You must not spoil the fun of the tour by having a low or dying battery. Nothing can be as bad as that, especially when you had planned to take pictures with your mobile device. You will need a charger and adaptor for such moments or if you are really lucky to make new friends, they may have one to share with you. Then all you need to get their help is, `Puedo usar tu cargador del movil?’. As simple as those words may sound, you are back to enjoying the fun in the tour once again.

`Creo que eres mi Alma Gemela?’

Well, there may come the moment to want to say, `I think you are my soul mate.’ Yes, something like this can happen even when you did not plan to meet a stranger who you want to spend your life with. The new friend you come across may not be good at English, so a better way to convey your love may be to use the local language. Using the expression may not be enough to show the depth of your love, but it is a good way to start. You will have more time to make adequate preparations for the second meeting and be sure you are really good at it this time.