South American Countries to Visit on Holidays

Do you plan on spending your next holiday in South America? There are so many great spots throughout the gorgeous area that is South America. Come on board as we take you through four countries you would love to visit.


A tropical country with mid-20 Celsius temperature, Venezuela is a place you can arrive at any time without worry. Heavy rains mostly fall at nights between May and June boosting the rare beauty of the countries popular site, Angel Falls.

This is the world’s waterfall which flows uninterrupted with about 2,648 ft drop. Many tourists wouldn’t miss this site for anything. It is a place to watch and relax. The capital of the country, Caracas, is a place to visit. Located close to the Caribbean, the city is kept from the sea by the Cordillera de la Costa range. The beach along the coast stretches about 1,740 miles. In the south-east, the Gran Sabana region creates a landscape of fresh and full rainforest with some waterfalls such as the Jasper Falls and Kama Falls, though they are not so popular with tourists.

Brazilian Amazon

The city of Rio welcomes visitors and tourists to enjoy its big and graceful jungle. For those who know the site so well, it is a place worth seeing. Brazil occupies a large part of the Amazon River as much as 60% and is the biggest country in South America.

The remarkable forest changes as the weather varies. Wet season comes between January to May and dry season stretches from June to December. In June, the water level goes down creating paths and jungle trails for adventurers. Mosquitoes, though present in this place, do not pose much of a problem. Using a good tourist guide will enrich the adventure more. You may get to see the anaconda and jaguars in their natural habitats or choose to visit the murky channels to fish for piranhas.


Known as the country which holds the mystery of the South American continent, Paraguay holds some sway to travelers and tourists. Surrounded by land on both sides, the place is among the two landlocked countries on the continent.

It is bordered by Argentina, Brazil, and Bolivia, and the hot weather is mostly in the summer which is from December to February. The temperature becomes better and goes down to 25 degree Celsius between July and August.

The country’s capital, Asuncion, with a population of 500,000 has one of the less known places which give tourists a taste of what the country has to offer. The place has a beauty which dates back to Spanish colonialism through the efforts of Juan de Salazar Espinosa in 1537.

The artistic work of Mabel Arcondo is showcased at the Museo del Barro. The guarani culture is still felt in this place. The Salto Nancunday waterfall lies in the south-east of the capital and the giant salt slab, Chaco region is in the north-west.


Located in the further part of the south, the country reaches the height of activities during the festive seasons. The fascinating city of Buenos Aires reaches about 20 degree Celsius in December and reduces to 15 C around June and July during winter. Full of galleries, the city boasts steak eateries and bars in Puerto Madero, San Telmo, and Palermo districts. The country’s national park, Parque Naciona Los Glaciares, offers a cool relaxation spot for tourists.