South American Culture and How to Enjoy It

The history of the continent is that of a multicultural society which evolved over time. The thriving variety of music, art, dance, and architecture are all indications of a multicultural community. The people of South America love their culture and customs and are proud it. As an introduction to the rich culture of South America, this article will give you deep insight.


The people of the continent speak mainly Spanish and Portuguese. At places where people are educated, English or French is used for communication. The indigenous people speak many other local languages, although it is unlikely you will come across such people.


Each region has its peculiar foods and you may not find identical foods in each region. In Argentina, for instance, you can find the world’s best steak, while Brazil has the Bahian food, influenced by West African culture.


You will find a variety of art in South America, from ancient art to local ones. Most cities have museums which offer tempting options to visitors and these places showcase classical and contemporary arts.


The designs used in South American architecture clearly show a European influence. Cities like Buenos Aires and some ancient towns are examples of European imitation. Some places still keep their ancient and beautiful appearance and as you walk on the cobbled-stone streets, with colonial building on both sides, you feel as though you were there when it was all set up. Modern buildings, built during the country’s economic boom, are found in many other cities in the region.


Literature in the region is famous for its content on politics and oppression, deep traditions of the people and family life. The innovative approach most writers use lends it a touch of professionalism. Some of the famous writers are Gabriel Garcia Marques of Colombia, Mario Vargas Llosa of Peru, Isabel Allende of Chile, and Jorge Amado of Brazil.

Dance and Music

Dancing is one of the passions of South Americans. The romantic and seductive tango with the samba and bossa nova are popular in Buenos Aires, Brazil. South America has other kinds of dance which includes the salsa, the meringue, and the mambo. The samba and bossa nova, the romantic tango, and the cumbia are some of the music that has made the continent famous. Jazz is also getting popular in some cities and world-class operas host talents shows.


The continent has produced many movies which are popular around the world. Some movies, such as Like Water, Like Chocolate, Black Orpheus, The Motorcycle Diaries, City of God, and Central Station, made an impact on the population.

Film festivals are also conducted in America and Europe which feature films made in Latin America. Argentina and Brazil are popular film centers on the continent and they often organize international film festivals in most of their major cities.


The most popular sports in South America is soccer and it is the place you find many of the best footballers in the world. Brazil has won the World Cup organized many times in history. Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay are also not left in the wins. Football is a passion in Latin America and a good knowledge of it can help you start a conversation with the people.